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2021: Center on Nutrition and Disability

As 2021 continues, The Center on Nutrition and Disability (CND) Coalition proceeds to work on:

CND Frugal Bites Cookbook visual edition (launching May 2021).

路 CND Nutrition Experts convene weekly to design Inclusive Nutrition Standards of Care and Guidelines for Implementation which are being developed in an accessible and equitable process, utilizing a person-centered approach that is: culturally competent; evidence-based; and action-oriented (to be piloted Summer 2021).

路 CND and Get FIT Coalition first quarterly meeting

路 (4/27 12 pm) Health Education Webinar Series 2021: Updates On Utilizing Nutrition Assistance Programs in NJ with HungerFreeNJ.

路 Live Accessible County-Based Food Resource Bank, contact Greta Latvyte at for local food resources.

Additional Resources:


路 Compensatory Education:

路 The Rutgers Center For Adult Autism Services:

Mental Health:

路 Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times:

路 NJ鈥檚 Children鈥檚 System of Care: How to Connect Your Patients to Mental Health Services:


路 Updated Covid Accessible Resources:

路 Vaccine Prioritization Dashboard:

路 New York Deaf-Blind Collaborative Tipsheet-

路 PRECAUTIONS for COVID-19: Wheelchair and Assistive Technology Users:

路 Coronavirus (COVID-19): What People with Spina Bifida Need to Know:

路 Healthcare and Face Coverings: Reducing Communication Barriers for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Patients:

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Family Resource Network

The Family Resource Network is an inclusive group of community programs and services designed to meet the growing needs of individuals and families with disabilities. From mobility assistance to educational programs for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to scholarship opportunities and healthy eating and fitness programs- we aim to bridge gaps for the families we serve.