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A Beautiful Day for a Bike Audit

The Borough of Caldwell in conjunction with Safe Routes to School, held a biking and walking audit at Grover Cleveland Middle School on April 10, 2019. As part of a grant from the Healthy Communities Network, the Caldwell Health Initiative partnered with Safe Routes to School to encourage more biking and walking to our local schools. The biking/walking audit was the first step in a comprehensive effort to look at the infrastructure of sidewalks, signage and road routes students travel to get to school throughout the Borough of Caldwell.

To perform the audit, we created four teams of volunteers. Volunteer teams included parents, the Superintendent of School, Borough Council, Police, Caldwell DPW, Fire and Health Departments as well members of the Safe Routes to School team.  Teams spent the afternoon analyzing the streets of Caldwell in an effort to create safe biking and walking for students and residents.   Volunteers noted cross walk accessibility, signage, street and sidewalk quality, lighting, driver interactions as well as location of Crossing Guards.

Under the leadership of Lisa Lee, Coordinator of the Safe Routes to School Program, the group began the process at the Grover Cleveland Middle School. Volunteers were briefed on what to look for during the audit.  As the school day ended, the audit began for the volunteers in order experience the dismissal process.  Like the students, the volunteers needed to dodge parents picking up their kids as well as the sheer volume of kids moving along.  After the volunteers followed their designated routes, the teams met back at the Library of the Middle School to debrief and start looking at the findings.

Volunteers felt that this was a wonderful opportunity to assist the Borough in making positive changes. As part of the Caldwell Health Initiative, we look forward to receiving the report from today’s assessment and fulfilling our goal of safer biking and walking throughout the Borough of Caldwell.


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The Caldwell Department of Health and Human Services (CDHHS) promotes physical and mental wellbeing through disease detection, prevention and education as well as policy development. CDHHS prides itself on overseeing and implementing innovative programs and services that promote the wellbeing of each and every Caldwell resident while keeping the Borough healthy and safe.