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A Good Year for Growing Food and Bike Sharing in Plainsboro

As mentioned in the previous blog, the planter, or container, growing at the Plainsboro Library is coming to a close with the Kale being the remaining active crop.  A Master Gardener has instructed the library staff on how to prepare the planters for the winter.  Crops produced were used in various programs throughout the growing season to show children how to grow healthy food options and how to prepare the harvested crop for consumption.  The Plainsboro food pantry was contacted to take excess crops, but fresh produce is not accepted, probably due to the perishable nature and concern over safety.  Next year’s program is expected to be even better!

Bike sharing in Plainsboro is viable now more than ever as the library station is but one node in the large Princeton bike sharing network.  Plainsboro Township is very bike and pedestrian friendly with many options to use a bike or walk for pleasure, recreation, or to run errands.  Zagster, the company managing the station has placed the library location on its service map with additional promotion planned.  So far, 11 bike trips originated at the Plainsboro Library, and 5 trips ended there.

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