Grantee Blog 2020

A Little Help From Our Friends

Happy Summer!  HomeFront’s Family Campus is slowly coming back to life  – we are working hard to offer our families safe activities and ways to begin interacting again.  Never have we been more in need of support from our community and I am happy to say that support has come to us in many different ways.  We have worked with Princeton University on a variety of projects over the years – this past year has been all about food, healthy and delicious food.  The University understands our ongoing efforts to encompass nutrition and wellness into every meal we serve and through their Summer Food and Nutrition Program they offered the help of their amazing food services team.  For the month of June the University provided over 950 meals per week to feed guests living at HomeFront’s Family Campus, children in HomeFront’s Camp Mercer and individuals and families facing homelessness and living in local motels.  The menus were thoughtfully planned with carefully picked ingredients and fresh fruit and salads with each meal.   We hope to continue acquiring new partners in our pursuit of a healthier future for those we serve!

About the Grantee


HomeFront’s mission is to end homelessness in Central New Jersey by harnessing the caring, resources and expertise of the community. We lessen the immediate pain of homelessness and help families become self-sufficient. We work to give our clients the skills and opportunities to ensure adequate incomes, and we work to increase the availability of adequate, affordable housing