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A student’s perspective at Manasquan High School

Here is a guest post from one of Manasquan High School’s seniors; Madison P., who is also a part of our Academy of Health Careers.

Growing our own food in a Tower Garden has many benefits; it is nice to know and see where your food is coming from, there is no worry for unknown pesticides or forborne illness outbreaks. Tower gardens don’t utilize soil; so there is no risk for contaminated soil. It is beneficial for students to understand the nutritional value and environmental impact of their food.

Students can also be kick started into growing their own garden. It’s nice to see the school introducing this initiative because kids are becoming more interested in their overall wellness and as a result at Manasquan High School students are intrigued to taste what is growing right in their own cafeteria.

Students are also becoming more aware of how they impact the environment, the Tower Garden “uses 90% less space than a traditional garden.” This is good because developing less farmland is beneficial for our environment. The Tower Garden really brings about important topics related to nutrition and environment.

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