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An Impromptu Meeting by Pelle Stellato, Generations, Inc./Innovations Ministries Community Partner

In July 2020, Cynthia Jackson from Innovations Ministries entered our wholesale/retail food market and asked to speak to the manager. Surprisingly, I just happened to be on the premises when she visited the store that day as I am generally not always in the store. Cynthia presented me with an information packet on the “Just For You” program. I was sold when Cynthia explained how the program was designed to deliver fresh fruits and vegetables to older adults on a monthly basis. With a heart for seniors, I decided we would give it a try. This impromptu meeting was a partnership in the making. I believe things happen for a reason.

I was impressed that “Just For You” guarantees seniors receive fresh fruits and vegetables on a monthly basis. My team and I personally check the produce for Innovations’ monthly pickup. With so many seniors isolated due to COVID-19 restrictions, my team and I are thankful for the opportunity to play a role in such a great initiative. Working in partnership with Innovations Ministries, more than 1,000 bags of fresh fruits and vegetables have been delivered to “Just For You” seniors over the last nine months.

As with any partnership, communication is very important. I meet with the Innovations team each month to discuss and determine that month’s produce selection. We try to introduce a new fruit or vegetable the seniors have not received to date. We stay in communication should any changes arise.

It is gratifying to know our team is part of the “Just For You” vision. We partner with Innovations to alleviate the need for older adults to have to shop for produce. It has been a blessing working in unison with Innovations Ministries. Knowing my team and I are helping to make the “Just For You” vision come true is priceless to me.

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Generations Inc.

Generations, Inc., a community development corporation, provides comprehensive, coordinated services to meet the needs of families and individuals, providing full access to necessary services for all ages. Innovations Ministries, a non-profit entity within Generations, promotes a proactive approach to personal development, lifestyle management and enhance overall well-being and quality of life.