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Audubon’s Community Health Initiative

Audubon Borough is a small municipality of about 8,710 and we are on a mission to create more fitness opportunities and healthier options for our residents. Each objective within this multi-faceted plan will be based around family and community.

For 2018, we are focusing on incentives for healthier snack stands and adding additional bike racks around town. Both of these projects seem very straightforward on the surface. However, no project is without its challenges.

We offered our three sports organizations a monetary incentive for two consecutive years to provide healthier options as well as providing a nutritionist to guide them through the process. The biggest challenge was in obtaining and contracting with a nutritionist for this assignment and then to find a time for our organizations’ presidents and snack stand managers to find a mutual time to meet and discuss.
Once that meeting occurred, it was up to the snack stand managers to add healthy choices. We were not asking these organizations to give up all the fun, fried food, but to provide options for those families that are spending the majority of their evenings at the ball field. Placement and price are very important factors and the nutritionist made several stops to check and see how they are doing. We have just received the reports from the nutritionist and the results are about what is expected for the first year for softball and baseball, which means there have been some healthier additions, but there is much more work to be done. We are hoping that the monetary incentive and a year under their belts, will result in better and more choices next year. Soccer doesn’t fill their stands until the fall and we are hoping that they dive in head first and show them all how it is done.

About the Grantee

Borough of Audubon

The Borough of Audubon is a small town with a rich athletic history that includes multiple State Championships in baseball and a Superbowl MVP. We also have three Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients who have lived in this town and so we are very proud. We have a great community and our mission for this project is to create more fitness opportunities and healthier options for our residents.