Grantee Blog 2020

Back to a “New Normal”

With things starting to open up, Community Hub is trying to get back to somewhat of a normal operation. Fortunately, we are able to host our providers outside of our corner stores as long as the weather allows us to. With being able to have these events outside, we can practice social distancing to ensure the safety of our providers and community. We are in the works of getting masks to have on site for community members if  they wish to engage with a provider when social distancing is not feasible. These situations should only occur if it is screenings for blood pressure, eye exams, or something to that nature. Overall, getting back into the operation will be exciting, but definitely a challenge.

Our biggest challenge we are facing right now is that a lot of our providers are not allowed to do community events yet, some of our providers are being furloughed, and some may not be able to participate do their own health risk; however, we are doing our best to provide for our community by coming up with presentations about smoking cessations, healthy living, and Census 2020 events in place of our normal providers. While it may not be our usual providers, we still have a chance to get involved and help our community.

Community Hub is thrilled to be getting back out into the community with following social distancing, masks at all times, and sanitizing the table to ensure safety for everyone.

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