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Back to School Bash

As COVID-19 hit in March, Community Hub came to a halt. All events were cancelled, planning for anything was postponed indefinitely, and everything moved virtual. The future was unknown as everything changed daily.

As June approached, outdoor dining opened, more people started to go back to work, and restrictions were being reduced. This made planning for future events feasible, but still challenging. For Community Hub, we started to plan our 2nd Annual Back to School Bash, only having two months to plan and organize this event.

The Back to School Bash is an event that provides free backpacks filled with school supplies for the children of the Vineland community. While the fate of going back to school was unknown what it would look like, we knew families impacted by COVID-19 needed our help more than ever.

As planning started to take place for the Bash, we kept hitting obstacles. The biggest obstacle was implementing COVID-19 safety precautions. While we could not have our big bash with games and events, we had to think of an alternative: a drive thru event. The drive thru was a great method and was held in the YMCA parking lot, where we had plenty of space to safely conduct it.

Our next step was funding; this step was hard because a lot of our sponsors were financially impacted by COVID-19. Luckily, we had several generous local businesses able to sponsor the event. In total, we received $2,200 in sponsorship to provide backpacks and supplies for the event.

Once we tackled our two biggest obstacles, we were able to purchase the backpacks, supplies, and gather donations. We assembled the backpacks, got registrations done, and prepared for the drive thru. We also received 100 backpacks filled with supplies from local churches in the area which helped us reach more families.

The event was a huge success; our original target was to reach 250 kids, but we reached 350 kids. The children were so excited to receive their new backpacks for the school year, regardless if they were virtual leaning or not. As we all go through this difficult time together, providing this event to our community members was needed more than ever.

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