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The Community Connections team returned to Lincoln Annex School in the beginning of 2019-2020 school year to continue working with the students, school personnel and the FoodCorps members to keep building connections between the school and local wellness initiatives. One of the activities in the new school year was the student surveys.

The Community Connections team conducted surveys with the fourth and fifth graders at the Lincoln Annex School to learn about their healthy eating and physical activity attitudes, behaviors, and their awareness about the community wellness initiatives such as the Hub City Fresh Healthy Corner Stores, Ciclovia and New Brunswick Community Farmers Market. Collected information allows the school to take action steps to raise awareness about these resources and help improve access to healthier foods in the community. With the harmonious collaboration between the teachers and the Community Connections team members, including the FoodCorps educator and Rutgers students and researchers, six classrooms successfully participated in the surveys.

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Through its Department of Nutritional Sciences and Cooperative Extension units, Rutgers provides nutrition education, conducts nutrition- and health-related research, builds partnerships, and implements evidence-based strategies to improve the nutrition status, health and well-being of people throughout New Jersey.