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Bike Racks, Snack Stands and History, oh my!

We have been super busy over the last couple of months.  Our bike racks have arrived and as I write this blog, at least half of them are being installed by our awesome Public Works Department.  As daunting as this task seemed several months ago, it is finally all coming together.  The four bike racks being installed today are all being installed on Borough property.  Five additional bike racks will be installed over the next week or so on property not owned by the Borough, but on property owned by local businesses, the school district and Little League.  This was a community effort to evenly spread the bike racks throughout our town.  However, as I have previously mentioned, this took a little more planning and organizing.  Joint Use Agreements are required for liability concerns when private property is involved.  The good news is that the bike racks came in quicker than expected so we are working as fast as possible to install before leaf season begins.

On another note, soccer is already knocking it out of the park at the snack stand.  Can I even say that when referring to soccer and not baseball? The incentive that we offered was a no brainer for them as our Audubon Soccer League has always been dedicated in providing the healthiest snacks possible within their budget.

In anticipation for next season and while things are still fresh in our heads, I have planned some time to talk things through with our nutritionist.  Audubon’s Little League and Girls’ Softball need a little more guidance and instruction to plan out their healthy alternatives for the 2019 snack season and to maximize their reimbursement.

Our last minor update is the preparation for our Audubon’s Walk-Through History.  Although we have spent no money from this grant just yet on this project, we have been working consistently behind the scenes to digitize our archived records.  Volunteers and students led by Audubon High School’s History teacher along with the Audubon Historical Society President have been working diligently over the last year in the hopes that we may get this project off the ground.  The plan is to create a walking history lesson around town that will provide exercise for both the brain and the body.  This project is a huge undertaking, but one that hopefully will be enjoyed by all past, present and future generations.

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