Grantee Blog 2020

Blog 3- Tower Garden- Building and Planting/Pickleball

Blog 3 TG and PB Since the last blog NJAHPERD has received their funds for the Tower Garden project. Once the funds were available to me I ordered 8 tower gardens. Due to COVID19 and the high demands of tower gardens, they were on back order for four weeks, the LED lights are on back order an additional eight weeks.

Since schools have officially closed and Long Branch is having virtual summer school and camp, I sent the TG’s to the teachers’ homes. One week prior to the TG’s arriving I sent each teacher three instructional videos on how to build the TG and how to plant and grow. The teachers will have their own children and themselves build the gardens. Four teachers decided to wait for the LED lights and four teachers decided to get right to work and grow outside. All teachers are documenting their process in hopes to share with their students. They will continue to send me their progress of the growing process. I am in touch with them through emails and zoom calls. Our plan is to have the second growing with their students when school reopens. If we continue with virtual learning we will continue to grow at home and share through their zoom classrooms.


This past Monday, June 22, 202 the Long Branch recreation department opened up their parks and facilities. Phase two has begun. I was able to reach out to a few community members and start playing pickleball. We are playing two times a week and due to all the restrictions, I am only having 6-8 people at the beginning. When this resume then we will open play up to more community members

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