10 Years and Growing Strong

In order to mark the 10th anniversary of City Green, there will be a celebration dinner on September 20, 2014 at City Green’s headquarters on Schultheis Farm in Clifton. The mission of this non-profit is to facilitate the establishment of urban farms and gardens in northern New Jersey’s cities and to enrich the lives of inner city residents, while cultivating education in public health, nutrition and the environment.

“This is the first time we are holding our anniversary fundraiser at Schultheis Farm. In the past it was at the Montclair Art Museum. This year we’ll feature a sit-down meal with fresh produce picked at the farm and prepared for the event,” said Jasmine Moreano, Director of Community Engagement for City Green.

City Green certainly has lots to celebrate. This summer, the program Eat Better Tonight has been in full swing at Schultheis Farm. Every Friday, produce grown at City Green’s Clifton headquarters at Schultheis Farm (171 Grove Street) is sold at its Farm Stand. Eat Better Tonight farm stand accepts WIC or food stamps and provides a dollar for dollar match. All produce grown at Schultheis Farm utilizes organic practices to ensure that all income levels can enjoy the benefits of organically grown food. This is the fourth farming season at Schultheis Farm for City Green.

Young adults from Clifton and Paterson are employed to work and volunteer at City Green. Some of the ways in which they are a part of City Green include: working at the farm stand; garden camp crew; farm crew; and camp counselors for the Fun on the Farm Camp held this past July and August at Schultheis Farm. Under the direction of camp counselors, children get to feed the animals, collect eggs, play nature game, learn how to prepare fresh produce and more.

For those looking to spread the green, groups can apply for a micro grant from City Green to assist in constructing garden beds and purchase of seeds. According to Moreano, this program is called Dig In and grant deadlines are each July and February. For more information on Dig In, please contact: curdanivia@city-green.org

City Green is funded in part by grants, private funding, county and municipal support. In addition to funding opportunities, City Green also seeks seasonal garden help including “Wednesday Weeders” who help maintain the various gardens at Schultheis Farm. For more information on how to become involved in the continued growth of this non-profit and/or how to sponsor or attend its September 20, 2014 anniversary dinner, please contact: info@city-green.org.


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