Accomplishments, lessons and many thanks!

The Bloomfield Department of Health and Human Services is happy to be ending the year with many accomplishments and excited for the new grant year!

Thanks to the grant we are proud to announce that we will be eagerly moving forward our Pedestrian safety efforts. We now have a Pedestrian Safety Committee which will focus in bringing together key community leaders to the forefront of this initiative. Meetings are scheduled for the New Year. It is really important to hear from people in the community and we are excited to receive feedback.

We have completed our last ‘Pop up’ health event at our Healthy Corner store. We were able to distribute over 200 vouchers for a free healthy item at two of our Healthy Corner stores. Through evaluations, it was concluded that many customers chose a healthier item when they received a voucher for a free item.

We have learned this year that partnering and leveraging resources is essential to expand initiatives. We have enjoyed working together on initiatives with other grantees and there are many more exciting initiatives coming in 2018! Thank you Partner’s for Health Foundation and NJ Healthy Communities Network.

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