Creating Growth For Community Health

It has been an exciting time for our garden project this season!  Members of our community have come out in force to get their planting in for their expected bountiful harvests in our second year of our new garden project.  It is great to find that this activity is in such demand.  We have already seen some folks picking early tomatoes, herbs, cucumbers, beans, eggplant and squash.  Donations continue to be made to local food pantries of excess produce.  One of our goals through this project was to increase accessibility to people who wish to grow their own healthy foods.  With this in mind, we have added several elevated beds so that those who are not able to bend down easily can take advantage of this opportunity.  We are also happy to state that we have continued success in usage of our walking trail with many members of the community utilizing it for outdoor exercise.  Installation of some exercise elements have been scheduled for the end of August and will make an exciting addition to our trail.

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