Promoting walking and gardening in the Summer!

The Willingboro Recreation and Parks Department in partnership with the P.L.A.A.Y. Grant team continue to promote walking along the renovated bike trial and volunteering to help maintain the community garden.  The garden towers are assembled and plants are growing as result of all of the summer rain. The next step is to till a portion of the space near the garden towers to create in- ground garden plots. The produce in the garden towers include green beans, lettuce and tomatoes.

The bike trail counter is in place and recording the steps for wellness and fitness that community members are taking along trail. The trail offers wonderful views including a lake, wooded area, open space, fitness trail, a  small hill and grassy areas.  The small hill located next to trail. Occasionally walkers dare to climb the hill to test their endurance and strength. Community members that walk or bike or skate along the trail enjoy a quite and peaceful fitness experience for all ages.  The track at JF Kennedy center now has fitness signs bordering the track thanks to the P.L.A.A.Y. grant.  Community members that walk along the track are greeted with signs that remind them to drink water and how many laps around the track equals a mile.

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