Shaping Elizabeth dreamed of the day we could feed more people with our Mobile Market.  That dream became realty thanks to our lead dream makers Cathy Hart, HACE and Julienne Cheery, CFBNJ.  In July, we opened the doors to all the residents of Elizabeth and they came.

The first day we registered over 200 new residents with a second food distribution on the second Thursday every month.  People began lining up at 8:00 AM.  The fresh produce was stacked, sorted and bagged by 9:30 AM and over 250 people received pounds of watermelons, potatoes, carrots, string beans and more.

We continue to operate 2 Mobile Markets each month.  Residents have expressed their gratitude and joy at each event.

The final Play Street of 2017 went further and deeper too.  It was our best turn out with 79 kids and 65 adults participating and a new partner attended – Safe Routes to School set up their bike rodeo and distributed helmets and safety lessons.  Councilmen Gonzalez had a great time to!

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