Twists and Turns

Of course nothing ever goes as planned.  It’s true in life, and you have to “go with the flow” as the saying goes.  Our main objective with our grant is to build a walking trail along the historic Morris Canal.  For any history buff, the Morris Canal was completed in 1831, snaking its way through northern New Jersey, connecting the Delaware River with Newark Bay.  This 102 mile canal allowed the transport of coal, iron and other materials long before the construction of Route 80.  The canal operated until 1924 when more modern and efficient means of transportation took over.  Slightly over 1/2 mile in length, the remnants of the Morris Canal in Lincoln Park can be found under the heavy growth of trees and brush.  You can still find chunks of coal in the empty canal bed and spy the ruins of an old ice house.  When we started on this grant journey, our path seemed straight-forward, however the trail construction involved more effort than previously thought since the canal has not been used in almost 100 years.  Lincoln Park investigated another grant to compliment the work that needed to be done.  After 3 months of looking into this other grant and delaying our progress, we are back to our original plan.  Rough clearing of the trail will begin in the next month.  Fallen trees will be marked, cut up and removed, and the underbrush will be eliminated.  After the heavy work is completed, we will enlist the aid of volunteers to clean the area, and have a few walking bridges built.  Just as the Morris Canal had twists and turns but ultimately lead to a destination, so too does our journey of bringing our trail to reality.

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