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Borough encourages Employees to Eat Right…

As part of the New Jersey Health Community Grant, the Borough of Caldwell has joined forces with City Green Veggie Mobile to encourage their employees to eat better. Since the Veggie Mobile has been visiting the Borough every Thursday outside Borough Hall, Kim Cupo, Market Coordinator, has been trying to entice employees to buy from the truck weekly.  To do this, each employee was given $4 in veggie dollars to try the veggie mobile.  Employees were asked to use this money and try something new.  Recipes were then given out for the more obscure vegetables like Jerusalem sun chokes, beets, kohlrabi and other root vegetables.   Most of the employees did try something new with their $4 allotment.  Others simply bought apples and fresh fruit.  Many did not realize what the truck was selling and now purchase items every week at the truck.  For the most part, this was a successful program in an attempt to bring healthy eating to the Borough of Caldwell.

About the Grantee

Caldwell Health and Human Services

The Caldwell Department of Health and Human Services (CDHHS) promotes physical and mental wellbeing through disease detection, prevention and education as well as policy development. CDHHS prides itself on overseeing and implementing innovative programs and services that promote the wellbeing of each and every Caldwell resident while keeping the Borough healthy and safe.