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Breakfast After the Bell Gets a Boost!

Governor Murphy recently signed a school breakfast bill that promises to give tens of thousands more New Jersey students a healthy start to their school day.  The new law requires schools with at least 70 percent of students eligible for free or reduced-price meals to serve breakfast during the school day, typically in the first minutes of the day.

Statewide, an estimated 500 schools educating nearly 308,000 students will be required to serve breakfast after the bell, according to an analysis of 2017 data by Advocates for Children of New Jersey.

Hunger Free New Jersey (formerly New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition) spearheaded advocacy efforts to get this bill introduced and signed into law so that more children will have access to a healthy meal to start their day.

According to data from March 2018, there are three schools in the district that will be required to implement breakfast after the bell by the 2019-2020 school year.  In our efforts under this grant, Hunger Free New Jersey will work with these schools to help create an implementation plan.

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Hunger Free New Jersey (formerly New Jersey Anti-Hunger Coalition) educates the public and decision-makers about hunger — its causes, its solutions. We mobilize diverse organizations to combat hunger. We push for sweeping changes to ensure that every single New Jersey resident has healthy food to eat — every single day.