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Breaking Ground

After several months of planning, we have broken ground on the new entrance and administrative kiosk for the Ginny Duenkel Pool.  This is the second phase of making the Ginny Duenkel Pool a healthy option to enjoy the summer.  In the summer of 2018, we launched the healthy menu initiative at our pool snack bar.  With the new entrance and administrative kiosk, it is creating a more direct accessible route to the pool which may make the pool a more appealing feature for our residents.

The Ginny Duenkel Pool was built in 1967 with the originally entrance located on William Street with several sets of stairs to get to the pool itself.  Eventually, the John F. Kennedy Field House on Cherry Street became the entrance to the pool which was adjacent to the parking lot.  While this entrance did not have any stairs, it did have an uphill walk.  As part of this new construction project, the entrance to the pool will be relocated to the north end of the parking lot which will have a flat entry into the pool.  Additionally, this entrance will be located near the section that the senior citizens prefer to sit in providing them with quick and direct access to their favorable spots and pool.

With a much more convenient route to enter the pool and the seating area, it will become quicker and easier to enjoy the healthy activities of swimming and interacting with fellow residents while enjoying a healthy meal from our snack bar.  As part of the construction, walkways are going to be redesigned around the parking lot creating a safer environment for foot traffic.  These improvements will enhance the enjoyment of the Ginny Duenkel Pool which in turn will promote healthy activities through swimming and food choices.

About the Grantee

Township of West Orange (Via West Orange Recreation Dept.)

The West Orange Recreation Department offers year round programming for the residents of the Township. The Ginny Duenkel Pool is one of the more popular summer activities for residents of all ages.