Grantee Blog 2020

Breaking the Digital Divide

Overcoming the digital divide has been a challenge throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The Birdsong platform empowers users to feel more comfortable with technology and provides local resources at the touch of the screen.

The City of Garfield, in partnership with its Age-Friendly Community Initiative, Generations for Garfield (G4G), the Garfield Health Department, The Garfield Police Department – Community Affairs, and academic partner, The NYU Grossman SoM, Department of Environmental Medicine, is providing Samsung Tablets powered with Birdsong to five older adults in our community. Garfield’s older adults will be confident using these tablets after two training cycles tailored to their needs and one training cycle for care providers.

The Generations for Garfield Team recently met with the senior coordinator from The Center for Drug and Alcohol Resources to learn more about Birdsong and see, firsthand, how the easy-to-use software can help older adults connect to services by clicking large icons right on the home screen. For example, SNAP’s Resource Access Team, SNAP-ed, will be one of the applications uploaded to the tablets, combining technology and food access resources in one powerful tool. Furthermore, providing technology resources and education to Garfield residents will make our community more prepared when unexpected situations arise, as well as addressing the social determinants of health, which remains an important focus for the City.

About the Grantee

City of Garfield

The City of Garfield collaborates with local partners to understand and address the challenges regarding the social determinants of health within the community and use resources to make a positive difference in the quality of health and life for residents.