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Bye Bye Fall


Our Fall Zumba season ended with a bang and a total of 44 registered participants! Our participants were sad to see the fall Zumba season end but looking forward to the upcoming 2019 Spring Zumba. One of our participants, Maria, stated that she made new friendships during Zumba. Maria expressed that the Eat Right Get Fit program made exercise fun for her and her family. she said that she practices what she has learned in the sessions and incorporates it at home with her husband and children. Now, they have a family fun Zumba night at home! When the class was completed the MNH staff distributed 25 bags of fruits and vegetables for the participants to take home to their families. Another participant said, “now when I am food shopping, I skip the snack aisle and walk over to the fruits and vegetables.” she said she didn’t realize how much her and her children would enjoy eating fruits an veggies together. On the last day of the season, the MNH staff distributed questionnaire surveys for the participants to complete. We are sad to see you go but we can’t wait to see you all in the Spring of 2019. Be sure to come back and shake your groove thang !


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Morristown Neighborhood House (Cornerstone)

Morristown Neighborhood House was founded in 1898 as a settlement house that embraced the Morristown community’s growing diversity. To date, Morristown Neighborhood House has remained a pillar of diversity and cross-cultural positivity in the Morristown area. The Neighborhood House is unique in providing a wide array of services that enhance educational and social development in Morristown’s youth