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Caldwell Food Pantry Celebrates the Holidays!

The Caldwell Department of Health and Human Services in connection with the Healthy Communities Network Grant encourages all of our residents to eat healthy fresh fruits and vegetables. To assist with this endeavor, the City Green Veggie Mobile brought a wonderful array of fresh items all summer long.   To continue this work, we are looking for other ways to encourage healthy eating for those who are food insecure.

As part of this effort, the Caldwell Department of Health and Human Services Food Pantry has joined forces with the Caldwell Rotary Club to access fresh fruits and vegetables for local families for the holidays. Traditionally, the Caldwell Food Pantry provides Thanksgiving and Holiday Food Baskets to its participants. In the past, each basket had all of the trimmings for a great meal including the turkey, except fresh fruit and vegetables were missing. Thanks to the Rotary Club of the Caldwell’s, this year each recipient also received a $25 gift card specifically to buy fresh food items.

The Caldwell Department of Health and Human Services strives to make the holidays brighter for our residence who might be food insecure and underprivileged. This year, the Caldwell Food Pantry provided 84 Thanksgiving Baskets and 51 Holiday Baskets to local community members. In addition, 123 local children were afforded holiday presents. It is only with assistance from Caldwell / West Caldwell local residents that this is a possibility.  We appreciate all of the assistance from service clubs, individuals as well as the Partners for ealth Foundation to aid us in our quest to make Caldwell a healthier and happier place to live.


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Caldwell Health and Human Services

The Caldwell Department of Health and Human Services (CDHHS) promotes physical and mental wellbeing through disease detection, prevention and education as well as policy development. CDHHS prides itself on overseeing and implementing innovative programs and services that promote the wellbeing of each and every Caldwell resident while keeping the Borough healthy and safe.