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Caldwell Thanks the Healthy Community Communities Network

It is with heartfelt thanks, that we at the Borough of Caldwell write our final Blog. The past two years being a part of the NJ Healthy Communities Network has been a wonderful experience. We have learned so much, made great connections to other organizations and created vital services for our residents.

Two years ago as we embarked on this grant, we thought bringing a small farmers market to Caldwell would be a excellent opportunity for our residents to support healthy eating. We never would have guessed the positive impact this program would have on our town. Members of our community both young and old embraced the City Green Veggie Mobile. This year, over 250 residents bought fresh fruits and vegetables from the Veggie Mobile. Our final market was on November 14th and residents are asking when it will be back!

While the Active Living Component of our grant took a bit to get off the ground, this too had a great impact on our Borough. Our goal was to create a safe biking experience. We collaborated with EZ Ride and the Safe Routes to School Program. In the process, we learned that we needed additional safety apparatus throughout the Borough as well a traffic slowing mechanisms which we were able to buy through this grant. In addition to Share the Road Signs for safe bike riding, the Borough, itself, bought and installed 30 Cross Walk Signs positioned on both sides of each crosswalk through out the town.

Along with the new safety/ traffic slowing apparatus, one of the biggest impact of this grant is that the Borough of Caldwell has an adopted resolution to join Complete Streets New Jersey and is currently working to create a Complete Streets Policy. In addition, the Police are now working to enhance their Safe Route to School Program.

Two years ago when we began this process, our goal was to act as the change agent in creating a healthy initiative in which our residents eat healthier and exercise without obstacles. We were committed to creating an environment within the Borough that fosters and supports the social, physical and overall health of our residents. We not only met this goal but have exceeded it and now have a footprint that we can use for future programs. For this, we thank you.

About the Grantee

Caldwell Health and Human Services

The Caldwell Department of Health and Human Services (CDHHS) promotes physical and mental wellbeing through disease detection, prevention and education as well as policy development. CDHHS prides itself on overseeing and implementing innovative programs and services that promote the wellbeing of each and every Caldwell resident while keeping the Borough healthy and safe.