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Celebrating Spring With Play And Laughter

Finally, our good friend the Vernal Equinox has arrived!  Which means it’s officially Spring here at Homeless Solutions.

With warmer weather upon us, our staff is busy making sure that the children living at our Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing apartments have a healthy and active season.  During the winter months, it’s very difficult to find ways to get nearly 20 children active in a very tight space.  Now that the ice and snow of the winter months have melted away, our children are looking forward to the endless possibilities of getting to explore and play in the great outdoors.

This year, the children were in for a happy surprise.  Recently, our staff purchased outdoor play equipment suitable for a wide range of ages. Agility ladders, backyard obstacle courses, and jump ropes for our older children.  For our younger ones, large playground balls and a massive parachute.

All of which explains those gales of laughter you heard in the distance last week.  Our children were trying out their new play equipment on the first warm evening of Spring.

A large group of boys, ages 7 through 12, were thrilled to challenge each other across the agility ladder, and then dash through the courtyard to complete various exercises throughout the obstacle course.  Although hesitant at first, once the children put down their phones and turned-off their video games, they were moving fast and having a blast.

For the little ones, the super large parachute made for a fun night of wobbling quickly underneath the parachute and out to the opposite side. They couldn’t stop laughing, trying to keep the balls bouncing above the parachute.

It was an incredibly fun evening for everyone.  And it was just one more example of how we are developing new ways to incorporate an active lifestyle into the lives of all of our children throughout the entire year.

Homeless Solutions’ Healthy Children Initiative is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System, as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.

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