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Center for Prevention Continues to Build a Culture of Wellness

1,811.16 hours – This is the annual average amount that an employed U.S. adult works. Aligned with the understanding that most adults spend a good portion of their day working, the workplace becomes an even more logical and practical place to reach out about health. The Center for Prevention and Counseling(CFPC), inspired by the opportunity that the NJHCN grant has given us through our partner, NJ Partnership for Healthy Kids, has made a new committee that meets monthly. This is the wellness committee; who’s goals include enhancing the workplace to become an even more supportive environment of healthy lifestyles. A group of staff have volunteered to be part of this committee that meets bi-weekly, all in hopes to better the health of the people who enter the Center for Prevention and Counseling daily as well as the staff, who work day in and out to help others succeed.

Brainstorming takes place at the wellness meetings where ideas are shared about incorporating health into more of what we are surrounded by daily at our office on Spring Street. The committee has contributed to weekly health goals and contests to enhance and promote our StairWELL initiative. The CFPC wellness committee has put together speakers at several meetings where the full staff is present. These speakers talk about a subject relevant to health and get the whole staff involved. The committee is in the works for several more initiatives and educational events.

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Center for Prevention and Counseling (CFPC)

The mission of the Center for Prevention and Counseling is to promote hope, health and recovery among all people by fostering a community in which individuals and families thrive. We do this through our 3 departments including Prevention, Counseling and Recovery support.