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Children riding bicycles in an urban area.

Cycling is considered as a low-impact, healthy, yet a fun-filled activity. Children enjoy cycling as it makes them feel independent. Initially, they might find it strenuous but ensure to encourage them, and it will become their favorite pastime.

Cycling helps in socializing with children and people in the neighborhood. It enhances their communication skills and gives them an opportunity to make new friends,

Cycling gets the kids outdoors and helps them be totally active because exercising their legs help in toning their body and remaining healthy.

Cycling balances children completely.


It is important to teach children how to ride bicycles in an urban area.  The fourth-grade students of the Irvington School District have an opportunity to learn bike education during their regular physical education classes. There is skill learning and book learning. The skill learning contents is as followed. Starting and stopping on a bicycle. Hand signals to be used while riding and the reason why they are important. Steering skills such as weaving, right and left turning. Scanning skills to see behind them to see when it is safe to turn or move around park cars and open car doors. There are other skills for emergency situations but that will be available for parents and students to learn as their skills improve from this program.


The book learning aspects that will be introduced to the students will be the parts of the bicycle, the traffic signs they will be exposed to while riding, the etiquette of riding with other bike riders to prevent accidents between bike riders and car driver, and finally bike safety that they should do before riding a bike.


There are some students have never learned how to ride a bicycle. They will be given up-to-date techniques to learn riding on a bike. The bike education program introduces the non-riders to gliding without pedals to develop balance, coordination, internal core development, and depth perception. They will be transition to pedals quickly when they learn the balance that is needed for riding.


The ultimate goal is to get families riding bicycles together to keep healthy and “GO Green” to use less gasoline.  Irvington will need to expand their bike lanes to secure bicycle safety for our new riders.

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