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Choices of Materials for a Greenway Path

Choices for walking path surfaces vary greatly in terms of price, durability, and ADA accessibility. ADA standards require that floor and ground surfaces shall be stable, firm, and slip resistant. Some of the more durable and traditional choices like asphalt and concrete will probably be too pricey for our project. A couple of products that we are currently exploring are a rubberway softwalk material and wood carpet. Both types of products provide a soft but stable surface that provides good traction and wear resistance and will meet ADA accessibility standards when properly installed. The softer impact of these types of materials will also benefit walkers and runners towards reducing injury. A recent article in Runner’s World rated natural surfaces such as grass, woodland, and dirt trails as the best surfaces for reducing running injuries. Softer impact surfaces will benefit all types of users as long as the standards of stability, firmness, and slip resistance are met.

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Boro of Elmer

Elmer is a small town in rural Salem County. Incorporated in 1893, it has historically served as a hub of activity for the surrounding farm community. It has a hospital, churches, banks, restaurants, a library, grocery, drug store, dollar store, gift & flower shops, medical & dental services, accountants & lawyers, salons, gas stations, & a lumber yard all packed into one square mile.