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Choosy Eating and Reducing Screen Time

This month our activities focused on ways to reduce screen time and picky eating. In the classroom we all talked about how spending too much time watching TV, playing on a tablet or phone takes away from time they could be playing and doing fun physical activities. We brainstormed different fun activities they could do instead of screen time and then spent the rest of the time playing “Mix a Salad,” a game that brings physical activity and nutrition together. We all stood in a circle, creating the “salad bowl” and each child pretended to be a fruit or vegetable to be added to our salad. Our fruits and vegetables don’t simply go into the salad bowl though, they need to jump or dance or spin until 3 other foods have joined them and everyone else mixes up the salad as they scramble around.

The parent programming is going really well, too! We talked about “choosy” eating and ways to encourage children to try new foods without ever forcing them. Some general tips we went over were getting children involved in food preparation, providing limited choices, never using food as punishment or reward, and staying positive and setting a good example. We made a few yummy recipes – rice pilaf and cookie cutter sandwiches- and I highlighted all of the steps that children can get involved when preparing food. The parents have been thrilled with their kitchen supply give-aways that ensure that they have the right tools to recreate the recipes at home.

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