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Collaborative effort

This spring the Westbrook 6th grade enriched Math class was given an assignment to plan out the Westbrook Sprouts garden. There were 3 groups of approximately 6 students in each group involved in this assignment.  The students were so excited to integrate Math into a useful project which they helped design and will see created!

The Sprouts team coordinators reviewed 3 different designs before making their final decision. The winning group will be able to help with the plantings and layout once the garden fence is installed. The Westbrook grounds team has sourced the materials and plans to start digging this week! Our hope is that the garden will be ready to open and plant fall vegetables by the start of school this  September.

This program is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.

About the Grantee

West Milford Health Department

We are a small local health department located in one of the largest (in land size) municipalities in New Jersey, the rural Northern Passaic County town of West Milford. Environmental health is a high priority for West Milford residents as the Highlands Water Protection and Planning Act charges West Milford residents with protecting the water that supplies much of Northern NJ.