Grantee Blog 2020

Community Hubs – Using frequented locations to increase citizens accessibility.

This fall we have secured a new partner for our community hubs. Our new partner is On Time Staffing and they assist our community members by bringing job opportunities, resume building/revision and general employment information to our hubs. Increasing our partnership list allows us to have more events at our different locations. All potential partners are vetted to ensure that they are capable of offering a service on the go at our locations. In the cover photo you will see some other dates for a few other partners! This flyer is only for 1 of our 4 community hub locations. We hope that for the next blog we will have another hub location secured to increase our efforts in the community. We have learned that the more frequently we bring similar programs and faces the more likely our community members are to engage in the services being offered. We are hopeful to continue bringing various partners to our hub program too.

About the Grantee

Cumberland Cape Atlantic YMCA

We are a nonprofit charitable organization that is part of a worldwide association based on Christian principles, inclusive of all people, dedicated to fostering opportunities for all individuals, families, and communities through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all.