Grantee Blog 2020

Community Needs Assessment and COVID-19 Vaccine (Year 2)

The Englewood Health Department received grant funding to conduct a Community Needs Assessment from the Russell Berrie Foundation. The purpose of the Community Needs Assessment is to get a better understanding of the health needs of the community and the barriers that affect health outcomes. Our goal is to create a community based solution that will improve Englewood residents’ health outcomes.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic our strategies did not go as planned. As a public health agency, the majority of department staff were responding to the pandemic by completing contact tracing, logging patient information and symptoms, keeping a tally of those out of isolation and quarantine, deceased, and hospitalized individuals, answering COVID-19 phone calls and distributing masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to individuals within the community. We also began to educate coaches and others hosting events in the city to prevent a COVID-19 outbreak. We assisted with Englewood’s first COVID-19 testing site and hosted our first drive-thru flu clinic and then followed up with 3 more.

We overcame so many obstacles last year and were able to accomplish phase 1 interviews, phase 2 focus groups and began phase 3 by creating the survey which has been distributed to residents. The survey consists of questions based on the feedback we received from  the key informant interviews and focus groups. The survey includes questions specific to our focus for this year’s grant cycle. Our questionnaire and survey will then be analyzed by The Bloustein Team at Rutgers University to have a focus for a community- based solution that will improve health outcomes for our residents and offer a set of recommendations for action by the City of Englewood Health Department.

Lastly, the Englewood Health Department hosted its first COVID-19 vaccine clinic. We received 100 vaccines on February 3rd and began vaccinating on February 4th and finished all 100 doses on Sunday, February 7th. It was a very successful event and the word definitely spread quickly. After receiving the vaccine we have received hundreds of inquires but all we can do is take down names for our waiting list and wait for the next batch of vaccines to be shipped and received. We definitely hope to begin scheduling everyone on our waiting list as soon as possible.



About the Grantee

City of Englewood Health Department

The mission of the Englewood Health Department is to protect and enhance the health of the people in Englewood. The Department accomplishes this mission by creating viable partnerships with organizations in the community and individuals, promoting healthy lifestyles and responding to critical health issues and disasters