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Competitive Pricing for Healthy Foods

During the Little League season many parents, children, and extended family spend a lot of time at the ballpark and a lot of snacks are consumed there.  Concession stands are a great opportunity to promote healthy snacking, but often the price difference between a candy bar and a granola bar can impact choice.  This past spring the Borough partnered with the Elmer Little League to promote healthy snacking by providing healthy alternatives at the same cost as less healthy options.  The Concession Stand did not lose revenue since the snacks were subsidized.  By offering some unique healthy snacks that families may not typically purchase, parents and kids got the opportunity to try something different at no extra cost.  Other ideas we would like to incorporate into healthier eating at the ballpark include a healthy “Kids Meal”, healthier sandwich ideas such as chicken, smaller portion burgers, seasonal fruit/vegetables, whole grain options, including pizza and pasta, yogurt and cottage cheese, and free water.  Everyone enjoys a treat at the ballpark, but for a long season of multiple nights of eating out it is beneficial to the community to provide healthier choices.

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The Borough of Elmer is a small town in rural Salem County. Incorporated in 1893, it has historically served as a hub of activity for the surrounding farm community. It has a hospital, churches, banks, restaurants, a library, grocery, drug store, dollar store, gift & flower shops, medical & dental services, accountants, lawyers, salons, gas stations, & a lumber yard packed into one square mile.