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Connecting a Community

The Connect to Walk and Bike Committee has been meeting in Dover for a few months now and have finalized a draft of recommendations for making walking and biking connections. The map is in draft form until community outreach is completed. A survey in English and Spanish has been offered to residents at the Dover free farmers market. The committee cooperates with Shaping Dover to reach out to residents. As a matter of fact, the survey has been uploaded into survey monkey and will soon be available to residents on the Shaping Dover website! The town website will have an introductory statement inviting residents to go to survey with a link to Shaping Dover. This will allow residents to complete the survey at their convenience. It will also increase the response rate so the committee can provide the decision makers in town specific data and relevant recommendations based on resident response. The connections recommended include parks, retail stores, bus stops, the train station, and schools. For instance, one of the suggestions may provide for high school students to be able to get to the local mall where many have part time jobs. The committee is also working to expand a previous Healthy Meeting toolkit to include healthy vending options. The toolkit is then provided to the health office and others in town hall. On a related note, a bike share program is nearly operational in Loantaka Brook Reservation, a Morris County park near Morristown that spans three communities. More to come on that exciting project!


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Morris Park Alliance

The Connect to Walk and Bike Committee has been working together for 2.5 years. By working with partner communities, the committee assesses and recommends walking and biking routes. The recommendations, accepted and implemented by the community, provide access to local services. In addition, the committee provides recommended actions for healthy eating options at meetings and in vending machines.