Grantee Blog 2020

Cooking Virtually

Greetings from HomeFront!  As I mentioned in my last blog, we have been working hard to find safe, creative ways to keep our culinary program moving forward.  During these difficult times it is more important than ever to continue working towards a healthier lifestyle – especially when we can combine those efforts with the joy of creating something delicious in the kitchen.  Although there are plenty of challenges in creating a successful virtual cooking class, residents of our family campus and our teaching kitchen volunteers have found ways to make it work!  Keeping recipes simple and flexible is part of the solution – creating a healthy meal should not add to daily stress.    Another key ingredient to the success of these classes is the ongoing discourse among participants – discussions range from ways to substitute and accommodate based on preferences and available ingredients to how to how to make beloved family recipes healthier.   As we start to feel more competent in offering culinary classes virtually, we plan to include more of our programs.  Families in HomeFront’s permanent, affordable housing will soon be invited to monthly family cooking classes guided by local chefs with ingredients provided by HomeFront.  Our hope is that going forward these classes will be a way for us, agency-wide, to increase our focus on the important role nutrition plays in overall wellness.   Wishing you all a peaceful and healthy Thanksgiving!

About the Grantee


HomeFront’s mission is to end homelessness in Central New Jersey by harnessing the caring, resources and expertise of the community. We lessen the immediate pain of homelessness and help families become self-sufficient. We work to give our clients the skills and opportunities to ensure adequate incomes, and we work to increase the availability of adequate, affordable housing.