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Cultivating Relationships, Harvesting Change

Thriving Communities Transform lives was the slogan of this years’ Building a Culture of Health in New Jersey day long conference. In order to achieve this in a community, we need of allies and other supporters to work with. Building relationships is key to continue the work for a bigger vision of having the community in Hammonton take advantage of the resources available. For the past few months, we have been creating relationships with current organizations already working in the Hammonton Area. We have been invited to be part of a new Coalition known as the Hammonton Health Coalition which in essence, is a network working to improve the well being of the Hammonton Community. We believe that our work in Hammonton aligns with the Coalition because we are joining forces to find ways to address some of the root causes that’s affecting our community such as not having access to adequate food. If our communities are not feeding themselves well, then their outcomes and performances will not be the greatest. Aligned with the work of this Coalition, we are moving forward and initiating the designs to begin breaking ground and build raise beds for growing food in different areas rather than in one place. We look forward in working together with other organizations and create alliances with those who are also doing great work in our area and be able to share our learnings and implement at the local level.

About the Grantee

Comite de Apoyo para Trabajadores Agriculturales (CATA)

CATA- The Farmworkers Support Committee has been serving the migrant and farmworker community for the past 39 years. CATA’s mission is to empower and educate farmworkers through leadership development and capacity building so that they are able to make informed decisions regarding the best course of action for their interests.