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Denville Doubles Down on Walking and Biking

The Connect to Walk and Bike (CTWB) Committee has moved on to their fifth community! In the township of Denville, leadership recently worked with a consultant to determine potential walking and biking resources. While considering Denville as a partner, the CTWB committee realized that there were some additional opportunities to extend the work of the consultant. Upon approval of the township administrator, Denville became a partner community. The first introductory meeting was held and potential focus areas were targeted. These included additional linkages to parks and across municipal boundaries to communities that have already completed their CTWB project. The cross boundary efforts contribute to the long term goal of a county wide network! Just prior to meeting with Denville, members of the committee met with representatives from Rockaway Township to review their final report. The report included maps, demographics, results of the community survey, and a written report of recommendations and conditions. Key conclusions in Rockaway included speed enforcement, education and communications to residents, fill in small gaps, and consider the Complete Streets program. Community survey results showed that the top three concerns for walking and biking were safety, speed of traffic, and condition of trails and paths. As a large community with a more undeveloped northern portion, as well as private lake communities, the township has challenges on narrow roadways and private lands. Since users are taking advantage of some of these areas, the educational component of the project is important. As the CTWB committee applies for their third round of funding, we look forward to adding three more communities to the effort of connecting Morris County for walking and biking!

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Morris Park Alliance

The Connect to Walk and Bike Committee is comprised of volunteers from Morris County departments and local leaders, community volunteers and consulting contractors. The intention is to work with willing communities in Morris County to assess and recommend resources for walking and biking (trails, paths, street side amenities, etc.). The results can be used for a future county wide trail system.