Grantee Blog 2020

Diving into Policy

As the summer semester comes to a close, the team continues to work remotely and has begun to review Complete Streets policy documents from the surrounding municipalities and counties. This review will help to determine which aspects may be applied to our campus and which may already apply as the result of Montclair State’s campus footprint. Montclair State is named after the Township of Montclair, where the campus’ original buildings are located. However, over the last 100+ years, the University has expanded quite a bit and now also resides in the City of Clifton and Little Falls Township. These three municipalities cover two counties – Essex and Passaic. We also plan to review Complete Streets policies that are available online from other municipalities such as Hoboken, Cape May, and Philadelphia, and we will research other institutions that may have these types of policies in place.

Once our document review is completed, we can begin to draft our own policy. This drafting process will involve partnerships with Montclair State’s Office of Capital Planning & Project Management who are responsible for infrastructure improvements on campus, and the University Police Department. We will also consult with the surrounding municipalities to see if and how we can best tie our policy into theirs.

Fortunately for us, it’s not all policy research! The Facilities administration has recently been contacted by several companies regarding the possibility of an e-scooter share on campus. Establishing an e-scooter or e-bike share is part of the original plan for this grant work and we thought it was likely to be delayed due to the pandemic. However, given the challenges we are likely to face with regard to transportation on campus, e-scooters could be helpful for students to get around campus while remaining socially-distanced. We are thrilled at the possibility of pushing up the timeline for this part of the project. 

About the Grantee

Montclair State University

The team at Montclair State is based out of the Division of University Facilities and the Campus Community Garden. We're combining efforts on this grant project to improve food security and pedestrian safety on campus. Our core team consists of Adeline Cochran, Sustainability Coordinator and Chris Snyder, MPH, Garden Founder/Coordinator.