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East Orange’s 2019 Farmers Market

East Orange’s Annual Farmers Market is primed to be bigger and better than ever. We pride ourselves on the provision of high- quality food and unique products at an affordable cost to ensure we reach the low and moderately- low income population of East Orange. We wanted to expand our outreach to children to target childhood obesity that is on the rise in urban areas like East Orange. Recent research published in the Lancet Medical Journal has found that worldwide, there are a staggering 114 million children (less than 5 years old) who are overweight, 81 million are ‘heavily’ overweight and 33 million of them fall into the obese range. This research asserts that 300 million children, under 18 years of age, are obese or overweight. 

With these goals and research in mind, the East Orange 2019 Farmers Market now accepts WIC and SNAP. This year’s Farmers Market will also provide kid friendly nutrition training and provide demos that market to summer camp attendees and grammar school aged children home on summer break.

Emilio Panasci and Mark Cheatam have done a phenomenal job expanding our partnerships which now includes: New Jersey based City Green and the National Recreation and Parks Association (NRPA). City Green is a 501©3 urban farming and gardening organization that works to revitalize urban areas through agriculture and educational programming. They provide practical, technical and financial resources to support environmental stewardship, healthy food access and sustainable communities. The NRPA supports the improvement of healthy food access to aid in the reduction of obesity and chronic diseases. Through the NRPA good health program, summer camp kids will learn how to make healthier snack and meal choices.

Expanding our partnerships and accepting WIC and SNAP increases the productivity, quality, and affordability of fresh produce and goods available to our low and moderately-low income population. The East Orange Farmers Market will be held every Tuesday starting on July 2nd until October 29th from 12noon-7pm. If you would like more information on this year’s farmers market, please contact Mark Cheatam at 973-266-5140.

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City of East Orange

East Orange is a 3.9 square mile city in Essex County, New Jersey with a community of approximately 65,000 residents (2014). East Orange shares borders with the following cities and towns: Newark to the east and south and Glen ridge and Bloomfield to the north. It is the States 20th most populous municipality in 2010 and ranked second of 22 in Essex County.