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Eat Right and Get Fit-Fall Session

Our Eat Right and Get Fit Fall season has started! At the Morristown Neighborhood House we promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle. During the first session the MNH and the Interfaith Food Pantry provided initial surveys for participants to complete. We provide the surveys so we can identify the needs of the community in terms of what fruits and vegetables they prefer to eat at home with their families. We are here to support our community in their journey of eating healthy and getting active. Our Zumba sessions are free. Each Tuesday at 6:00 pm the sessions are held in the gym at the MNH.

We offer childcare at no cost for participants. Our Zumba instructors provide a variety of music including Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, R&B and Hip Hop. Currently we have 34 registered participants. Each session we distribute bags of fruits and veggies to the first 25 participants that arrive to the session. The food bags carry fruits and vegetables for the participants to enjoy at home. The bags are prepared and delivered by the Interfaith Food Pantry. We also refer and encourage our participants to visit the Interfaith Food Pantry if they are in need of nutritious food. The Zumba sessions will operate for 12 weeks and there will be more to come on this exciting project!

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Morristown Neighborhood House (Cornerstone)

Morristown Neighborhood House was founded in 1898 as a settlement house that embraced the Morristown community’s growing diversity. To date, Morristown Neighborhood House has remained a pillar of diversity and cross-cultural positivity in the Morristown area. The Neighborhood House is unique in providing a wide array of services that enhance educational and social development in Morristown’s youth