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Eat Your Greens!

As a young mother, I struggled to get my daughter to eat her “green” food.  As a grandmother of a young child, I am amazed at her ability to seek out the tiniest speck of “green” on her plate and reject it.  I have not decided if it is genetics or that the majority of children reject “green” food.

One of my solutions was involving my daughter (and now granddaughter) in growing green food, along with red food and orange food.   With the reassurance that if you grew it, it can’t be bad.

The next big leap in finding ways to get my child to choose veggies over pasta was getting her involved in cooking.  This has been especially successful with my granddaughter.  We love pretending that we are doing a cooking challenge.  Similar to kitchen challenges you have seen on the Food Network.  The hard part is finding judges in the family willing to taste whatever has been prepared for them by five-year-olds.  But peanut butter dipped green beans was the definite winner at last week’s challenge.

As difficult as it can be, involving your children in meal planning and preparing the meal will help them make better food choices.   Here are a couple suggested books that might assist you with your challenge.

“Why Should I Eat Well? by Claire Llewellyn, “Appetite for Life: The Thumbs up, No-Yucks Guide to Getting Your Kid to Be a Great Eater” by Stacey Antine.  “kid chef” by Melina Hammer.  Bon Appetit!

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