Grantee Blog 2020

EJ Workshop for Camden Teens

This season, CFET’s summer youth farming program includes an ongoing environmental justice workshop that will continue throughout the season.  We are partnering with Catherine from Mighty Writers, Ben, a Cooper Medical School Librarian as well as our own EJ coordinator, Kate.  The plan is to review the fundamental aspects of environmental racism and how it applies to Camden…. Ie. the truck and highway traffic, polluting industry, lead exposure, etc… and to have a discussion about what justice would look like under these circumstances.  Our youth program participants, all teenagers from Camden, will spend a portion of each week learning about environmental justice. They recently had their opening introduction to the topic.


We plan to cover EJ principles and community organizing with Kate, our in-house expert, who can share all of the work that CFET has been doing in the community around air quality.  Ben is going to explain how to use library databases to conduct research and demonstrate how to find articles and studies related to our areas of concern.  We hope this is helpful for all our future college students who will likely put this research knowledge to good use during their studies.  Finally, we will have Catherine lead a writing workshop with the youth, where they will use the knowledge and research they have gathered throughout the summer to write advocacy letters on behalf of their communities to local officials.  


A photojournalist has offered to help document the various pollution sources identified by the youth, and his images will complement the written work done by our youth.  We hope that this project is a great learning experience for our summer program team!

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