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Encouraging Kids to Explore Wayne’s Parks

Much progress has been made on the creation of Wayne’s “Guidebook to Parks” and now with the help of Wayne Parks & Recreation, all of the usable parks in Wayne Township have been identified and confirmed.  The winter months will focus on setting up and organizing the Guidebook so it can be distributed for the Spring season.

A fun project that grew out of the Guidebook initiative is the creation of an “Exploring Community Parks Challenge” for the children in Wayne’s public elementary schools.  School children will use the Guidebook as a passport that will be stamped for each of the parks they visit in Wayne Township.  In addition, there are many other ways children can be encouraged to use their local parks.  An article published by the National Recreation and Park Association suggests 12 fun ideas to encourage children to play in the park:

•Encourage your children to watch for wildlife.

•Go on a scavenger hunt.

•Draw a nature map of your local park.

•Picnic in the park.

•Walk in the park.

•Running games like “Hide and Seek,” “Red light/Green light” or “Red Rover”.

•Create your own Olympic Games.

•Make art from nature.

•Play with dirt and mud.

•Watch the clouds.

•Start a rock collection.

• Play in your park during the winter. Bundle up and head out to the park with a sled or a trash bag to fly down the hill on snowy days. Make a snowman or snow angels.

And with the growing anticipation of Wayne’s first Farmers Market, the Guidebook to Parks will be distributed at the first Farmers Market of the season in June 2019.


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