Grantee Blog 2020

Essex County Employee Health and Wellness Committee

By: Kaitlyn Daly

Here at the Essex County Health Department the well-being of our employees is extremely important to us. Therefore, we have started the Employee Health and Wellness Committee. The committee will be launching in mid-October and is working with Rutgers to complete a survey draft so we can get a final survey out to our employees. This will help us with our newsletter and yoga videos from Kula for Karma. The first video in October will be premiering via zoom so our employees will be able to virtually interact with each other. Some things to look forward to in future videos will be seeing some of our senior leadership participating with the instructor such as our Health Officer Maya Lordo and more! A few of these videos will even be recorded at some of the beautiful places we have to offer here in Essex County. We cannot wait to participate in virtual yoga with our employees and provide them with the tools to live a healthy, active and relaxing lifestyle.

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Essex County Health Department

Essex County Health Department Employee Health and Wellness Committee