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Everyone Can Be A Julia Child!

Summer camp gave our children the opportunity to participate a variety of physical activities, as well as provided healthy meals each day.  In order to keep those healthy habits going throughout the year, our staff decided to partner with another local agency to bring a series of cooking classes to the children living in our shelters.

The classes were designed to teach children how to make healthy choices when considering food options, while also trying some new recipes packed with vegetables and fruits.  Each week, the children learned a little bit about how a well-balanced meal plate should look.  The children also helped prepare a new meal at every class, and were able to sit together and enjoy the results of their newly acquired skills.  While some vegetables went over better than others, our staff was proud of the children for being willing to try a new item each week.  We were also happy to see some children recreating the recipes on their own!

At the end of each cooking class, the group would also try a new and exciting physical activity so that the children could learn how to exercise their bodies after learning how to properly fuel them.  One of the most beloved activities was playing “Simon Says” outdoors.  Surprisingly, many of the children had never played the game before, and thoroughly enjoyed trying to get their friends to do jumping jacks without saying “Simon Says.”

We will continue offering healthy lifestyle workshops to our children throughout the year, so that wholesome dining becomes as natural as swinging a bat, shooting hoops and scoring a goal with a soccer ball.

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