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Exploring Fresh Produce With Our Senses

The best way to encourage eating more fresh fruits and vegetables is to introduce people (of any age!) to the taste, texture, information and history of produce when it is in season. A picture of a fruit or vegetable doesn’t have the same impact as tasting something from a local farm during the growing season or a recipe prepared with a just-picked item that is at the peak of flavor. Our taste buds will tell us if it’s a “thumbs up” or a “not so sure I like it” reaction. The most important thing is that we try it!

At the Greenwood Ave. Farmers Market this summer, NJ SNAP-Ed, delivered by the Department of Family & Community Health Sciences of Rutgers Cooperative Extension of Mercer County, did exactly that. They brought in examples of fruits and vegetables that were available at the Market, and gave people a taste of deliciousness, to see for themselves what the smell, taste and texture of each item was.

In October, SNAP-Ed educator Madelyn Tannous and volunteer Barbara Inman even went so far as to dress up as apples, which highlighted to customers just how fun eating healthy can be!

The Rutgers SNAP-Ed program is just one of many health service partners at the Greenwood Ave. Farmers Market that provide services including blood pressure screenings, glucose testing and eye exams to benefit the area residents who attend the market weekly. In 2018, the SNAP-Ed table saw 269 customers throughout the season, sharing healthy recipes and providing taste tests to encourage the purchase of the Market’s available fresh fruits and vegetables

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The Greenwood Ave. Farmers Market is a one-of-a-kind market that provides Trenton NJ with a welcoming atmosphere that hopes to improve the health and well-being of the community through fresh food access, nutrition education, and economic development by supporting local NJ farmers and small businesses!