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EZ Ride Promotes Physical Activity and Healthy Eating at GLC’s Summer School in Long Branch

On July 10th and 17th, 2018 the EZ Ride Bike & Pedestrian Team went to Long Branch to visit students at the summer program at George L. Catrambone School (GLC). The staff requested us to come in to conduct Safe Routes to School pedestrian and bicycle safety presentations. The teachers at the school have seen firsthand the health issues and safety concerns around the school and in the city, and share our passion for creating a strong culture of health in Long Branch for everyone, especially the growing youth.

The objective for our team was to educate and encourage students to do more walking, biking and healthier eating to achieve a healthy life. We were able to achieve this goal through our interactive presentations, demonstrations, and asking questions. 120 students from their summer program sat in on our presentations both days, many of whom utilized active transportation to get around town. We also shared about our healthy beach huts on the boardwalk and our healthy corner store partners near the school where they sell healthier snacks for kids and where we have special health events. We encouraged kids to eat less sugary, salty and fried snacks and encouraged them to eat more fresh fruit, water and healthier snacks like popcorn.

During the bicycle safety presentation, students seemed knowledgeable about parts of bicycles and shared anecdotes about how they stayed safe. Students were engaged and were able to answer our “What does this part do?” identification game. Likewise, during our pedestrian safety presentation students continued to show off their knowledge and enthusiasm. Several students raised their hands to participate in our interactive demonstration, acting as pedestrians, a crossing guard, and pedestrian signal. Over the two presentation days we were able to cement our “Stop, Look, Listen, Think!” safety slogan in students’ minds. They were excited to incorporate both English and Spanish as well!

Our team had a very positive experience working with the students at George L. Catrambone School. Administrators at the school were wonderful to work with.

Thanks to funding from the NJ Department of Health through the Healthy Community Network grant and the NJ Department of Transportation through the Safe Routes to School grant, we are working to change the culture of travel in Long Branch. We are looking forward to returning to the school early in 2019 to speak to all the PE classes about how important it is to get enough daily exercise and how to stay safe while walking or biking. Whether on a bicycle or on their own two feet, the students of GLC will be ready to be safe and live healthier! To learn more about our safety presentations, or our other programs, visit or call 201-939-4242.

For more info or if you wish to setup a presentation about walking or biking safety, please contact Lisa Lee at or 201-939-4242, x123.

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EZ Ride is a non-profit, public-private partnership with a mission to implement transportation programs and services that enhance quality of life, regional mobility and economic opportunity while reducing traffic congestion & air pollution. The Bike & Ped team offers Safe Routes to School (SRTS) services and works to build safe and healthy communities.