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Families Activas y Saludables/Families Active and Healthy (FAH) -Keeping Our Zumba Momentum Going

During the months of September and October we have continued to host the one (1) hour zumba sessions with our dedicated group of attendees. We hosted a total of 14 zumba sessions with our instructor, Anna. The attendance at these sessions have continued to be stable, anywhere from 6 attendees to 13 attendees per session.  Initially, the participants attended these sessions at the request of their friends who are a part of the group and were curious about zumba work outs. Since then, the initial curiosity has paved the way toward firm commitment as the same faces continue to show up two times  week at PROCEED  for the zumba sessions.

As reported by Open Data Network, the adult obesity rate is 23.7 percent in Union County, closely shadowing national trends. The Latinos and Black/African-American in Union County carry a disproportionate burden of morbidity and mortality as a result of higher rates of obesity, diabetes, hyper-tension and food insecurity.  Chronic diseases kill and physical inactivity is the predominant cause of most chronic diseases; data is alarming regarding physical inactivity amongst adults in our county-almost 25 percent, a quarter of the population of adults, are physically inactive. Therefore, hosting scheduled zumba sessions to motivate movement,  energize and spread the word on an active living lifestyle has become central to our mantra on getting healthy and staying healthy.

We decided to conduct an impromptu survey amongst our attendees to gain feedback on our zumba sessions and impact created. We asked five questions in the impromptu survey. We specifically asked participants whether they have set any exercise goals on their end, and whether they have made any changes in their eating habits after participating in the classes. The question on eating habit was asked, as generally with exercise participants change their diet too. However, with the group at PROCEED, this change is yet to take place. The group was enthusiastic on participation in these classes as they were meeting in a social group and learning new dance steps, but reported that their diet has remained the same. Provided that changes occur in increments and take time, and finding the momentum on healthy eating habits is a life-time commitment, the Project Director is enthusiastic on the progress made. Being mindful that with the onset of the holiday season keen enthusiasts of healthy eating fall off the bandwagon, the Project Director proposes to provide healthy eating holidays tips at these classes. She will share healthy snacking recipes, cooking holiday favorites with less fat, portion control, and other ideas as requested by the group. In the spirit of sharing information that is extremely user-friendly, PROCEED recommends the Mayo Clinic website. It is In our next blog we will provide some healthy snacking ideas that were suggested by the zumba group participants.

The program is supported by funding from Atlantic Health System as part of the New Jersey Healthy Communities Network.

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