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Families Activas y Saludables/Families Active and Healthy (FAH) Spreading the Word on Active Living

In 2018, under our active living strategy we hosted 42 Zumba classes for the community. A large part of the success of the sessions lie on the group of parents who provided the energy and the interest to help spread the word and get participants to attend these sessions. Our active living strategy involves opportunities for movement for all family members and their social networks. This is entirely parent driven. The classes have become one of the most popular offerings through the Family Success Center. We took a little hiatus for the holiday season as many parents were travelling and needed the break.

In January, these Zumba sessions are back at the Family Success Center; we were curious whether we were able to create an impact on the dietary and daily life of the participants; one can say, we expected the participants to make the changes that are easy to talk about, but tough to implement. Thus, we are asking all returning participants to state their 2019 fitness goals, and to share a fitness tip for the group. Also, as March is literacy month, we want to spread the word on health literacy. We have partnered with Horizon NJ Health to conduct a “health education” workshop in the third week of March to help disseminate information on healthy diets, exercising and keeping active for the community.

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